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Payment Option
In case of case deposit: Send us your name, Amount and name of bank and branch which you visited to make payment. Please keep a copy of transaction with you.
In case of netbanking transfer. Please send us transaction no. or remarks ( You can write your name in remarks).
Our bank account details are given as follows. you can directly deposite cash in our bank acc. by visiting your nearest HDFC branch.
Assignment will be sent you by e- mail.
  1   MBA SEMESTER - I   900 Pay Now
  2   MBA SEMESTER - II   900 Pay Now
  3   MBA SEMESTER - III   1000 Pay Now
  4   MBA SEMESTER - IV   1000 Pay Now
  5   BBA ANY SEMESTER   900 Pay Now
  6   MBA PROJECT REPORT   2000 Pay Now

After payment mail us:
1. Transaction no. or remarks
2. Course and Semester
3. Roll No. and Learning Centre Code.
To: smuassignment2014@gmail.com

Bank Details:

Acc Holder: Mr. Naveen Kumar
Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Acc No.: 16691000013461
IFSC Code: HDFC0001669
Bank Name: Chattarpur, New Delhi
Frequently Asked Questions ?
Q: Will students get their assignments according to latest guidlens issued by SMU ?
Ans: Yes,we follow the latest guidelines of Sikkim Manipal university and make assignment accordingly.
Q: Do you send same assignments to all of your students or two assignments match with each other ?
Ans: We always make Changes in many sentences and words to make it unique to every student thereby, All assingments are diffrent from each other.
Q: How do you prepare the assingments. ?
Ans: Our assignments are based on SMU books but we also consult books of other eminent authors, if necessary.
Q: Can students upload the assignments provided by you directly or do they need to make some changes ? ?
Ans: we provide you assignments in word format (.doc or .docx format) so that, if students want to make any change they can do it themself.However our assignments are ready to upload.
Q: How much time students need to wait after making payments?
Ans: See, we always make necessary changes in every assignment. before sending it to you so this process may take upto 8 Hours. However under some unavoidable circumstances you may wait up to 12 hours.
Q: How can I pay you ?
Ans: Please see the Payment section of our website.
Q: When will I get the assignments after making the payments ?
Ans: Generally we take 8 hours to send you assignments after payment reflects in our account. However, in some unavoidable circumstances it may take upto 12 hours. we never send same assignment to our students we always make necessary changes in our assignments before sending it to you. Please send your request without waiting last date to avoid last minutes rush.
Q: Can I pay you through cheque ?
Ans: Yes if you don't have other option you can drop your cheque, but it takes 2 and 3 days to credit the cheque. we will send you assignments only after cheque credited in our account.
Q: What is the quality of assignments ?
Ans: We have given sample assignments on our website. Go through there and yourself check the quality. We never compromise with quality of our assignments and projects reports. Our main motto is to help the student community in the best possible way. Our assignments are as per the guidlines provide by SMU study.
Q: What I should do after making the payment ?
Ans: Pay to bank account and inform us by mail please send your name and your roll no. and other details to -smuassignment2014@gmail.com
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